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Hyaluronic Acid Eye Drop Grade Sodium Hyaluronate Pharmaceutical HA Powder

As China leading professional manufacturer and supplier of hyaluronic acid,sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronan for over 15’s years,Hi-Tech has great reputation with superior quality products ,more competitive price and thoughtful customer service. For any inquires,please feel free to contact our factory,

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Hi-Tech Eye Drop Grade Hyaluronic Acid


Our Eye Drop Grade Hyaluronic Acid is manufactured by fermentation with high purity, non-GMO and non-BSE/TSE risk. The raw materials used during the fermentation, including peptone, glucose, yeast extract and other raw materials are all non-animal sources.Our production is strictly managed according to GMP standards .It is totally safe natural ingredients.

Technical standard


Eye Drop Grade Hyaluronic Acid


White hygroscopic powder or granule

Hyaluronic Acid (dry basis)


Glucuronic acid


PH(0.1% Water Solution)


Molecular Weight


Intrinsic viscosity

≥1600(on the dries basis )

Residue on Ignition




Transparency (0.1% Solution)


Loss on drying


Heavy metals (as Pb)

≤ 20ppm



Bacteria Endotoxin

≤0.5 EU/mg



Viable Hemolytical Streptococci


Bacteria count


Mold & Yeast


Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Staphylococcus aureus



100g/bottle. 1kg/foil-bag. 25kg/drum. or according to the requirements of customers


Produce oral preparations or parenteral preparations. It can be used in eye drops, drug carrier, contact lens solutions, topical preparations for wound or burn healing, medical lubricants, etc. but not including intra-articular and intra-ocular preparations.


  • High Safety Non-Animal Derived raw materials, organic solvents or toxins, fermentation production

  • High Purity Very low content of protein, nucleic acid and heavy metals,etc.

  • Consistency High batch-to-batch consistency, targeted molecular weight and  narrow polydispersity.

  • Performance Superior heat stability and fast dissolution for Hi-Tech™ MMW.

    Factory Advantage

    • We are factory with over 15years' production and rich experiences of Sodium Hyaluronate  in highly quality natural ingredients

    • Professional R & D Dep. for innovation product

    • 100% Natural product, without any synthetic ingredient

    • Highly technology quality,competitive price,excellent service

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    With wide experience and expertise, Hi-Tech Trading, one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, warmly welcomes you to buy or wholesale our quality, safe and effective hyaluronic acid eye drop grade sodium hyaluronate pharmaceutical ha powder, professional made in our factory.