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Hyaluronic Acid Low MW Exporting Sodium Hyaluronate Skin Care Powder

Hyaluronic Acid Low MW Exporting Sodium Hyaluronate Skin Care Powder

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Hyaluronic Acid Low MW Exporting Sodium Hyaluronate Skin Care Powder


Recently, studies on HA suggest that formulations containing low molecular weight HA of approximately 50 kDa are ideal.50 kDa HA efficiently penetrates into the skin as is evidenced by a skin diffusion assay whereas the 300, 800, and 1,500 species penetrated significantly poorer.A trial in which human participants were treated for 8 weeks with a HA topical solution containing 50, 130, or 300 kDa demonstrated that the 50 kDa solution most significantly decreased skin roughness whereas the 300 kDa treatment had no measurable effect.Further, the appearance of wrinkles in the 50 kDa treatment group was significantly decreased.

Very low molecular weight HA species [approximately 20 kDa or below], actually have pro-inflammatory effects and cause or increase inflammation.  These HA species can bind to receptors on macrophages in the dermis,  and initiate an immune response.  Although potentially useful for wound care, low molecular weight HA confers a negative effect in terms of skin aesthetics.  In contrast, high molecular weight HA does not stimulate macrophages to initiate an inflammatory response.  This indicates that selection of HA species to be used in cosmetic applications must be done carefully.  The HA used must sufficiently penetrate the skin to elicit benefits but must do so without stimulating an immune response.


Skin care products: creams, emulsions, essences, lotions, gels, facial masks, etc.
Beauty products: lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations, etc.
Cleansing products: facial cleansers, body washes, etc.
Hair products: shampoos, hair conditioners, styling gels, hair restorers, etc.

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