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Chondroitin Sulphate 100% From Shark Cartilage Raw Material

Chondroitin Sulphate 100% From Shark Cartilage Raw Material

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Chondroitin Sulphate 100% from Shark Cartilage Raw Material



Chondroitin sulfate is used in a wide variety of areas of research such as bioengineering. Chondroitin sulfate may be used as a biomaterial copolymer or surface derivatization reagent in the development of drug delivery vehicles, tissue engineering devices and bioscaffolds. Chondroitin sulfate may be used for the development of biocompatible structures such as hydrogels, sponges, biofilms, microspheres and micelles.


Shark cartilage is a dietary supplement made from the dried and powdered cartilage of a shark; that is, from the tough material that composes a shark's skeleton.


While shark cartilage does not seem to be an effective treatment for cancer, some studies suggest that intake of one of its key components, chondroitin sulfate, may have positive effects on patients suffering from arthritis.That substance, however, is found in all animal cartilages, and not just that of sharks.



The protein involved in inhibiting angiogenesis would have to be injected into the bloodstream to have any effect on the cancer in the body. When a patient takes shark cartilage orally the protein is digested before it reaches the area of the tumor. Not all cancers rely on angiogenesis for energy.

Sharks are a cartilaginous fish recently largely caught for fins to be served as healthy menu, so that their flesh and bone are often wasted in the ocean. Their unique history and life in the ocean has encouraged numerous studies to obtain bioactive compounds that could be beneficial for human. Shark cartilage is especially composed of complex protein and carbohydrate bound with certain tissues without nerves and blood support . Based on clinical studies, shark cartilage was able to control the growth and the spread of tumor cells, help reducing bone pain, avoiding rheumatic diseases, strengthening and maintaining bone function, relieving soreness and gout, maintaining body health and vitality and avoiding crooked spinal abnormalities.

On the other hand, the ability to synthesize glucosamine in human body will decrease as people get older. This change is affected by the decline in the ability of proteoglycans to produce glucosamine that will lead to osteoarthritis disease .

Previous findings  revealed that bone protein and calcium levels were 30.74 % and 10,673.59 ppm, respectively. Total amino acid of the spinal column is 23.66 % protein, with limited amino acids, leucine and phenylalanine, and it is a good source of threonine. Identification of functional group indicated that glucosamine and chondroitin isolated from shark cartilage were glucosamine sulphate and c-typed-chondroitin sulphate, respectively. Glucosamine sulphate was osteoarthritis medicine, while chondroitin sulphate was a good supplement for the health of bones and joints. However, the identification studies are still needed on its anti- inflammatory effects and clinical trials before later used as a basic supplement material for anti-aging.

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