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90% Top Quality Raw Material Chondroitin Sulfate Price Factory Supply

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90% Top Quality Raw Material Chondroitin Sulfate Price Factory Supply


Our Shark Chondroitin Sulfate is derived from pure Shark Cartilage with a content of 85%, 90% and 95%. 
Only selects Shark Species which are not on the endangered list, therefore ensuring sustainability of this potential life saving supplement. Shark Chondroitin has more effect on human health than Bovine Chondroitin, that is the effect on Eczema and cancer. The 1992 publication of William Lane's book, Sharks Don't Get Cancer, sparked a heated controversy between money-grubbing opportunists and medical orthodoxy. Although sharks do, in fact, occasionally develop cancer, shark cartilage was promoted as a natural "cancer cure" and all around wonder drug. 
For some clinic experiments, Shark Chondroitin Sulfate also helps to cure Eczema, but it's not scientifically proved. This is a strong natural material to combat cancer 

Product Features 

CAS No: 9007-28-7 
Original raw materials: Bovine Cartilages and Shark Cartilages
Test Method:HPLC & CPC 


Improve hearing and skin arefaction 
Patellofemoral joint protection. 
Eye protection. 

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