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Bovine Cartilage Chondrotin Sulfate Improves Wound Healing And Skin Health

Bovine Cartilage Chondrotin Sulfate Improves Wound Healing And Skin Health

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Bovine Cartilage Chondrotin Sulfate Improves Wound Healing and Skin Health


How Chondroitin Works

Chondroitin is a major component of the human extracellular matrix, linking together sugar and protein molecules and serving an important role in maintaining the structural integrity of tissue. Its primary benefit and mechanism of action is stimulating regeneration of cartilage, which is the connective tissue that cushions the ends of bones within joints.


Within chondroitin are tightly packed sulfate groups that form a barrier that can withstand compression, shock and even electrostatic charges that damage tissue. Chondroitin is technically a form of a complex carbohydrate, giving it shock and water-absorbing capabilities and making it crucial for allowing joint/bone movement without friction. This is why the loss of chondroitin from cartilage is a major cause of osteoarthritis that degenerates joints.


It’s also important for forming tissue elsewhere in the body, including the skin, GI tract and the brain. In regard to the the brain’s extracellular matrix, it helps stabilize normal brain synapses and protects the brain from injury. Following trauma to the brain, levels of chondroitin are increased rapidly to help regenerate new tissue in order to replace damaged nerve endings.

Chondroitin Used with Glucosamine

What is glucosamine, and how is it different than chrondroitin?

Glucosamine is also a natural anti-inflammatory compound found in human cartilage and connective tissue. Technically, glucosamine is an amino sugar that the body produces and distributes wherever tissue is located. It’s naturally abundant in fluids that surround joints and in supplement form is sold for the same purposes as chondroitin sulfate.

Studies have found that glucosamine has cartilage-regenerating effects and boosts the strength and flexibility of joints. Glucosamine sulfate is the form most often used today to treat joint pains and osteoarthritis, which is a combination of glucosamine and mineral salts that the body can absorb easily.

Chondroitin used with glucosamine helps lower symptoms associated with loss of collagen and cartilage, which are found in tendons, joints, ligaments, skin and the digestive tract. These conditions can include tendonitis, bursitis and so on. In healthy people, when cartilage becomes damaged due to overuse, injury or inflammation, new cartilage is normally produced to take its place. Unfortunately, as we get older our ability to regenerate lost cartilage and repair damaged connective tissue becomes less efficient.


In both humans and animals, glucosamine and chondroitin stimulate the production of new cartilage and can also help reduce inflammation in the process. Today, these supplements are available in tablet, capsule, powder or liquid form and can be safely consumed with most medications or other dietary supplements. To date, more research has been done in regard to glucosamine’s benefits, although the two are very often combined for better results. 

When taken together benefits include:

Reduced joint pain

Improvement in functionality for patients with arthritis

Improved skin health

Better digestive function

Bone healing

Faster wound healing


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